Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Oracle Departure

A doomsday survival and a long journey. Not much has happened, since I bade farewell to Oracle last month. It has been one good month of unemployment, which I am surely not cherishing. Easing around at home is pleasurable, but at the same time, irksome. A long trip of five days with four days of journeying was welcome, though tiresome. All the excitement about the doomsday died as enthusiastically as it was awaited.
All in all-it was not something I was looking forward to just before leaving for my higher studies. Spending time with my family is an exception.
Oracle had been a wonderful experience. A dream job with delight from all directions. Depressing at times, nonetheless, it was something worth revering. In the past month, I realized how much I loved the job and working. The delay in visa has exponentially raised my restlessness. I, now, understand the eagerness in the wait for something. Whilst awaiting my visa, I am just adding fat to my body and laziness to mind. I wish things get back on track and the longer journey commences.
Till then... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nature Sings a Lullaby

Dusk bequeathed the day,
Inducting was the orb of night.
The chilly wind caressed my cheeks,
And stars beamed with all their might.

As I melt, spreading my arms,
Beneath the blanket of the silent sky.
As my eyelids met each other,
Mother Nature began her lullaby.

Ruffling and stroking my hair;
Relieving me of futile worry,
Whispering happiness into my ears
Walking me through the path, merry.

Life is a tale of ebbs and flows,
Mother Nature embraced apprise.
'Cause when it is time my son,
It'll dawn, and the sun shall rise.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Goan Holiday

The Immortals of Meluha is a beautifully written novel. It meets nature in a way of its own. It is different for some reason I could not, quite, comprehend. And then, the trees passed by. What lied behind the veils on the glass, had not caught my attention. It was splendid. The road was as pure as it could be. Little homes playing hide and seek amongst the huge trees. It was nature at its best. I felt like Amish Tripathi was competing with Nature to describe it's beauty. Clearly, Nature won. What it offered to the eyes was a visual treat, which my mind could not picture even after reading those captivating lines in the book. No doubt the Western Ghats is a world heritage site and a hotspot of biological diversity in the world. The trip to Goa only got better.
God must, truly, be an artist and, of course, a perfectionist, who has taken care of the minutest details of the work. People along the ghats seemed to be in harmony in nature. I sometimes wonder why our cities can't be as "developed" as these towns and villages. Anyways, the beauty was still enhanced by the lakes (it looked like that to me - could have been the backwaters also!) and hills. The lakes had an eery, though gorgeous, dressing of a blanket of mist all along. Small streams of serenity bounded by farms met us occasionally. My only regret is that I missed out on hugging the breeze that would have been the perfect dessert for the delicious meal. Only if I could have broken the barriers between me and the nature. I cursed myself for booking an A/C sleeper! All of Goa was as much mesmerizing and I could not have asked for more.
I met my friends the following hour. There is an unexplainable happiness in meeting your friends after a long time. The holiday began. We started talking about random stuffs and happenings in our lives. Teasing each other, making fun and discussing "not-so-personal" stuffs. After getting fresh, we decided to arrange for our travel. Renting a bike to explore Goa is by far the best option. Full freedom to move around and enjoy the flabbergasting beauty of nature. Before getting one (I mean three), we walked to a nearby church-Our Lady of Immaculate, the one shown in the movies Josh and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. The architecture of the church was simply fabulous. And so was the area around it. We sat by for around an hour, when our other friends were back with the bikes. We rode the bikes to our initial destination. It was around 7 in the evening and we started off for Miramar beach, the nearest of the beaches to our hotel. We drove through unknown places to make our initial journey take around double the time. Nevertheless, it was neither tiring nor irritating to reach there so late. The path was calm with trees on both sides with occasional buildings. We spent nearly an hour there before heading off to North of Goa for clubbing at Tito's. It was my first visit to a night-club and I can only say that I was dancing to the tunes of the songs as long as I stayed there.
It was already 2 by the time we reached the hotel. We decided to "call it a day". We did not have any idea that the next day was going to be much better. Getting up late, we started playing Uno and Mafia for around an hour or two before starting the day's journey to Aguada Fort. The fort was charming and the view from there-astonishing. We left for Calangute Beach and had a wonderful time bathing in the sea. It had been long, since I had enjoyed the sea so much; all thanks to my friends. We came back to our hotel early, only to start playing those games again. It was again 2 by the time we slept; not until we had finished a long drive at midnight. The experience was unmatchable.
The next day started early but again with playing cards. It was already noon before we started for Chapora Fort. It is to Goa what an icing is to the cake. Beauty all around wherever your eyes could see. I am literally short of words to describe its beauty. The only complaint being that it was much more alluring than what has been depicted in movies. Ravishing views presented themselves to you, only to please you to the fullest. The trip's excitement only increased with timely rains and drizzles. It makes the scenaries look all the more pulchritudinous. The day concluded with a visit to Dona Paula, aka the suicide point, a famous tourist spot and a few games of cards, as usual.
The final day of the trip was confined to the bewitching churches and museum. And then some time on the beach before executing our departure plans. All in all it was a memorable trip, this being an understatement. As you can feel, there is more to Goa than just wine and beer. It is comely, attractive, stunning, scintillating and what not! It is a piece of sheer excellence of nature's work and a must-visit place for everyone in love with nature.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Siblings - A Necessary Evil :)

2200 hours. Yes, that was the time when my friend asked me for it. And, voila, I did it. It would be worth mentioning that I am a bit too lazy to pursue work, and that too, at odd times in the evening. But, a sense of guilt and responsibility made me do it. "True Friend!" Those were the two words from him when I was done with it, and he actually meant them. I was blooming with happiness. Who wouldn't after hearing such a wonderful phrase in your praise! (Phrase and praise actually rhymed. I am glad to be getting a sense of rhyme.)
I have always tried to be true in any relationship I have committed to. In fact, a relationship can only be true else it is the opposite of what you think. I mean there is nothing like false relationship. It is just that they are not what they seemed to you. Oh! This is confusing. Never mind. Relationships have always been an important part of our lives, no matter what we think about them. How much ever we try to ignore and keep away from them, they keep following us in different forms and with different names, just like our shadow. I have written a bit on relationships before as well, so I would skip to the central idea of the post - Siblings. Yes my dear ones, you have found a post for yourself.
Firstly, my sincere apologies for choosing such a title, to all those who feel offended by it. But, I am sure they would not disagree with me on it. After all, I am a sibling too; and very evil in a sense (Giving an evil grin that I learnt from my friend). So, this is all about how necessary these evil creatures are in our lives.
Yes, life is incomplete without them. From getting up in the morning to drowsing away at night, these kin are inseparable, be it in torturing or entertaining. I loathe the way my devilish little sister sings "Jaago mohan pyaare" every Sunday morning to disturb me from my sleep and spoil my gorgeous dreams. She is naughty, moody, arrogant and just like every other child in the world; only grown a little too old for it. But, this  irritating little creature is as dear to me as life itself. It feels light and peaceful to be talking to her after a hectic day at work. She blabbering something on the other side, just refreshes me; and the tiredness is all gone. There are tonnes of things she talks about in an irrelevant but captivating way. I am never too bored to listen to her. 
I don't have many words to describe what she means to me, but she has been a parent, a friend and "an arch enemy", at times when I needed her to be. Putting it in a more filmy way; I am blessed to have such a dumb little teddy bear to entertain me always and keep me free of my worries. I would like to end with a not-so-famous quote on siblings, which surely does not hold in my case - "Siblings are nature's way of creating a slightly different version of us."

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Acrostic for my Dream

In the night sky, full of gleaming stars,
Light of the moon and the exhilarating wind,
Opening the gates of the dreamworld;
Visiting her, my eyes stayed twined.

Elegance and beauty, define you less.
Yearning to be you; the roses, confess.
Obsessed with your charm is heaven above.
Unmatchable, is your affection and love.

Me, your memories still frequent;
Your words and thoughts make me keel.
Seeing someone kiss; your lips, I feel.
When they embrace, I feel your affectionate zeal.

Ecstasy and happiness is alien today;
Eccentric pain is what you gave away.
Thy love is, still, stuck in my heart,
Hoping you'd fix, what you tore apart.

Every moment I need thee,
A life with you is my only desire.
Real or surreal, it may be;
Thou shall remain, my love forever.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dedicated to Someone

Too far yet too near,
Is the dearest of my dear,
She resides somewhere in my heart;
Still, away for reasons unclear.

Her memories visit my dream,

Dive me into the past's stream,
and stroll around me time unknown
Leaving only pain to the extreme.

I live a lifetime through the journey,
My dreams are perfect, though unreal
How i wish the beauty of love
was just as sweet and not surreal.

Life is a novel with twist
and surprises galore

Only, if we had the pen to list
our wishes; the book, we shall adore.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Everyone falls in love with someone... somehow!

I have been spending the whole day listening to this wonderful song. Looks like love remains in the air :).

Woh chali, woh chali, dekho pyaar ki gali
Usse roke naa koi, woh chali, woh chali
Na na na meri jaan, dekho jaana naa vahan
Koi pyaar ka lutera lute naa meri jaan
Woh chali, woh chali, she' s found the love that' s real
Now her wounded heart is healed, finally, finally
Woh chali, woh chali, leavin' all her tears behind
Only love' s on her mind, finally, finally

No, she tried but she can' t hide all her joy wrapped up inside

She can' t wait to reveal and tell you how she feels
Well this time it feels so right, there' ll be no more lonesome nights
Good times are here to stay, love will shine on everyday
Woh chali, woh chali, she' s found the love that' s real
Now her wounded heart is healed, finally, finally
Woh chali, woh chali, leavin' all her tears behind
Only love' s on her mind, finally, finally

In my heart there is some pain, don' t ask me why I can' t explain

Maybe I did love her too, now there' s nothing I can do
On the other side of town, her love is waitin' on
And she' s waving me goodbye, I think my heart is gonna cry
Woh chali, woh chali, she' s found the love that' s real
Now her wounded heart is healed, finally, finally
Woh chali, woh chali, leavin' all her tears behind
Only love' s on her mind, finally, finally

Woh chali, woh chali, dekho pyaar ki gali

Usse roke naa koi, woh chali, woh chali
Na na na meri jaan, dekho jaana naa vahan
Koi pyaar ka lutera lute naa
Woh chali, woh chali, she' s found the love that' s real
Now her wounded heart is healed, finally, finally
Woh chali, woh chali, leavin' all her tears behind
Only love' s on her mind, finally, finally
Woh chali, woh chali, she' s found the love that' s real
Now her wounded heart is healed, finally, finally
Woh chali, woh chali, leavin' all her tears behind
Only love' s on her mind, finally, finally

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why should a relationship be a "Need" and not a "Desire"?

When was the last time I spoke to her? I think, it was on my birthday. A total of 3-4 min that day. It is her birthday today. I called her at 7 in the morning and wished her. We spoke for a little more than 2 min. Before that, I remember calling her on her wedding anniversary, the last December,  and if I am not wrong, once in between. In the past 6 months, I have spoken to one of my closest college friends for about 15 min on the whole. Is it because she is married now? Or is it that things have changed now we are out of college? Frankly, in the last three years, I have spoken for about three hours with her and haven't met her past her engagement. I am probably sure that we would have spoken more than that in a given week during the time we were in college. There was no obligation to be conversing at that point of time. We spoke because we liked to. And I am sure that she doesn't hate speaking to me today. Just that, we do not have anything to talk. Our conversations, still, start with how are you and end with a take care, but the time between the two has reduced as we do not have anything else to talk about. And that is the case with every other friend of mine, whose case study I haven't presented.
Change is the essence of life. But, isn't it we who are responsible for the change. In fact, we are responsible for every other action in our life. Why, then, do we not give importance to these relationships? Why is it that every person on earth takes relationships for granted? Search for something for themselves in it? I have seen people continue their relationships with their love over a long period of time. Why, then, is it so difficult to find time for the people who have been there in our lives? Why don't we hold the same importance for them once we have someone to love in our life? Were they just a substitute for the person who is now there in their lives? And at the end of everything, they do not shy off from complaining about others. Easy, as it is. It has always been easier to blame others. Accepting our faults, require courage. We need to have the sense of responsibility to accept our errors. 
I do not know what people feel about all this. May be down the line, I would feel stupid asking such questions to myself. Sever those people who once were inseparable. And the world will be happy if I do that. That is what everyone expects to be done. Sad, but true. 
People are never busy. We have work and commitments but we are not busy. We always find time to watch television, go through the newspaper, check our mails and visit social networks. We always have time to talk to our sweethearts. The only need is that we prioritize our friends. And it is non-sense to think that we do not have anything to talk to them. We spent almost whole of our college lives talking with them and suddenly we run out of things to talk about. It is really not fun to talk to someone who was so close to you twice or thrice a year, when it is a birthday or an anniversary. God forbid, we might end up calling them, one fine day, on such an occasion only to find that they cannot accept our wishes.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday - Is it just another day?

With various days in a year accounting for various celebrations, birthdays and anniversaries have always stood apart from them and have attracted more attention. These are normally the days when people get in touch with their long "lost" friends, in other terms, old friends. 2-4 days a year is what we spend communicating with people who had made it easier for time to pass by and memories to be born in school, college and other parts of life. Strange but true :).
One such occasion crossed my life yesterday. In fact, I can have only one of the two occasions, as of today. Needless to say, I celebrated one of my "birthdays". :).
The celebration of birthdays started from the time I was in high school. I still remember the first ever gift by any of my friends on my birthday was from Samir. Before that, the idea was birthday was to have something special being made at home and wishes from relatives. Fortunately or unfortunately, my birthday used to fall during summer vacations and hence, I have never been involved in sharing it with my earlier school friends. Till that time, I was devoid of the pleasure of sharing birthday with friends. School days had been quite memorable. But the real pleasure of celebrating birthday had come in college.
I owe all my enjoyment and fun in college to a very special person in my life. I might not mean anything to that person today; people move on and change is inevitable. But, the person shall remain as one of my most coveted treasures. I was wished at midnight for the first time in my life. I thought people were crazy to stay awake so long to just wish birthdays. Until, it happened to me. I received one of the cutest gifts on that day. It is one of the most treasured memories I have. Years passed after that. Things changed, as I already said.
My birthday at Roorkee was another wonderful event with me getting a "king-sized" card from my college friends. And yesterday, was yet another day.
I had my friends drive down from Chennai to Bangalore for celebrating my birthday. I should have been surprised and happy. But, I was not. May be I was, but I was not able to feel it. Something else has been occupying my mind for many days now. I did not feel excited about the fact that those idiots had drove to Bangalore for my birthday. Nor did I feel happy being wished by any of my other friends. I am not sure why I had such feelings. I was missing someone very special yesterday. I expected that things would change on my birthday. I thought I would have someone waiting at my door to tell me, "Hey Idiot, I've come for you."
Things change. People change. But aren't these lines for the ones whom you just know. Can you justify the usage of these for someone special in your life? Probably, the usage of these signifies the importance and specialness in their life. I regret the fact that things and people change without considering feelings and emotions.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Karke Dekha --- Achcha Laga :)

This is dedicated to one of the special persons in my life. The title itself is an answer to a comment made by the person.
I am a proud donor of blood today. I am not sure if the person would ever notice this. But still. Thank you is what I can mouth for that person. I have tried at times but luck had it the other way.
Finally, a wonderful way to celebrate a year of some of the cutest happenings in my life.
It is truly a feeling that is beyond everything else. Hope this happiness just stays in my life :).

I am "Earth"

For those of you wondering about the title, it is just on the lines of "I am Anna." I am sure everyone is aware of this campaign, the stir it created and how it faded off. The achievements of the movement could be easily summarized in two points. Firstly, a wonderful piece of news article for media and secondly, a topic to talk on in the parliament. Apart from that we could see some people voicing their opinions on the wrongdoings of the government, but then, that was always there. No credits to the movement for that. Whatever. This is not what I want to blog about. Back to the title.
April 22 is celebrated as Earth Day throughout the world. At Oracle(I work there), this day was commemorated by carrying out certain activities like planting of saplings and having a plastic-free earth; I mean cleaning up the plastic wastes.
The day was wonderful with nice weather. We started our journey towards Nandi Hills, a tourist area about 60km from Bangalore. This was the target where we had planned to plant saplings and perform the cleaning exercise. A beautiful tourist spot, Nandi Hills receives many visitors from across the globe all round the year. And tourism in India is always assisted by spilling dirt and waste around the area; and graffiti on and around the spot. This is not something to boast about, but it is high time we realise the importance of these places and monuments, keep them healthy and clean, and, more importantly, keep our hands off them. There is no need, whatsoever, to publicize your love or friendship at the toll of their beauty. It has and will continue to cost India a fortune.
Anyways, I am aware of the fact that we have left no stone unturned in spoiling the towns and cities, but I had no idea that it was to this extent! I clearly remember cursing the people for not having the basic etiquette to keep a place clean. It took us almost an hour to get hold of most of the plastics in the area. I wonder how many days we would have had to work to clean up the whole place. There were alcohol bottles lying around in the place where "Smoking and consuming alcohol is strictly prohibited." I myself disposed three of them. Nevertheless, I realised how tough it is to manage a country like ours and to keep a place neat and presentable. I guess we should have norms to get these places cleaned by the citizens, so that it creates an awareness about the problems that we create. Ironically, people do not feel bad to spoil the areas around their homes also.
Coming to plantation part of the trip. Well, I can proudly say that I planted two of the saplings, which would in a span of 10 odd years grow to assist the human community. It really feels good when you toil in sun(I was sweating real bad!) and do something helpful for nature. 
I wish people could understand the value of things around them and keep them as special as they need to be. Not only nature, human beings still need to master the art of valuing fellow beings around them and give them due consideration. If we could master this little but powerful art, there would be peace and love all around. We need to start doing things rather than waiting for people to do. Initiative is important and leading much more. 
I think the reason, the other movement, i.e., the India Against Corruption, failed is due to lack of a proper leadership and cooperation amongst the people. A person needs to be strong on the ideals and take steps forward to achieve it. Sitting around and waiting for things to happen is not the quality of a good leader and a good citizen. Sadly, there can be only one Mahatma.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time flew by and I liked the flight

The post-lunch hour is always lazy. It really doesn't matter if your lunch was sumptuous or not. And to not make matters worse and doze off, I choose to visit my social networks and friends. Visiting friends these days literally means peeking into their facebook profiles. Friendship has changed meanings over the last decade and you are as close to a person as you spend time on facebook. I can't help but notice that "facebook" is still not added to the dictionary. Weird!
Freshly out of college, not quite fresh though, my friends have been posting some fantastic "status updates", as it is termed by facebook, about life, love and living. I wonder how important these things become in one's life, especially the one with the "o". One such update by my friend summing up a lot of things went as below (I hope he doesn't mind me using it here).
"As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You'll have your heart broken and you'll break others' hearts. You'll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them, and you'll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you've never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. You just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt, and smile until your face hurts. Don't be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back."
So true. People tend to miss things and wonder if they had a time machine to go back to relive the moment. But then, the whole point of missing is lost. I mean it is a wonderful feeling to miss the time you have spent. It attaches a certain level of importance to the moment. If you had an option of reliving it, it would not have been that interesting to think about it later and drop a tear. I, personally, do not want to go back in time. Rather, I would like to sit back and think about it all some years from now and feel delighted that it all happened. The feeling itself is different from anything else. Things have to go ahead with time and so it should be. Every stage of it has something in store for us and we have to accept the change. That surely doesn't mean that we should not just want to live a moment forever. I keep desiring for things to stay the way they are. Not that I do not love the memory part of it. But, I would rather have it live than a memory.
Things have gone past me and I had not expected some of them to change this drastically and move in the other direction. I have been loving the change always. There is a lot to learn from it. Learning is the essence of life. Though, at the end of the day, there is some part of me, which feels otherwise and doesn't want things to go the way they do.
Dedicating this to everyone who has been, who continue to be and who will always be the best part of my life. To the ones who had been, I miss you all and hope to cross your path sometime soon. To the ones who continue to be, do not fall into the first category sometime soon. To the ones who will always be, God help you ;).

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happiness... Isn't it what we thrive for?

Been long since I have jotted down some of the random thoughts flying across my mind. I was taken busy by work and was a little reluctant to publish them when I found time to. A lot has happened, both in the outside world and the one inside me. Things have changed. They should. They are supposed to. What is important is how fast we accept them and move on with life. Well, it is easier said than done. But, at the end of the day, what we thrive for is purely, "happiness."
Happiness is the reason why people do what they do. It is the prime contributor to a person's life and the path it takes. There are other things which are important, but then, they always converge to this feeling. The definition of happiness is the same for everyone. What differs is the path that leads to it. And this is the same path, which plays a major role in defining our lives. This path could be anything like relationships, achievements, worldly pleasures, salvation or happiness of others. It is impossible for one to determine, what quantifies maximum happiness and what does not. Then, why do people try to compare it with others? Why do they convince themselves that a person is happy or not, when they do not even know what makes that person happy!. Why do people try to show others what their state of mind is and how it is not what they want? I have rarely seen a satisfied person in my life. In fact, there is no one who is satisfied. Once we have something, we aim for more. That is how life is. One wants to reach the maximum but is not aware of what the maximum is. And people who comment on them and their ways are only commenting on themselves. Because, knowingly-unknowingly, they also take up such endeavors to attain that state of mind.
There are times when people mistake compromise for happiness. And then, living the compromises is what is happiness to them. They become more concerned about the elements that do not affect their lives than the ones which do. This only ends with dissatisfaction and sadness. People then start looking for alternatives to find happiness. But, what they are not aware of is that they have missed the point long back for doing something for someone completely unrelated to them. They end up spoiling their life and many more lives related to them.
On a personal note, I feel that whatever a person wants he/she should go for it. Because, a happy person would only spread happiness. And, even the saddest of the person would regain the path for their happiness seeing this in them. It is a sort of energy, which surrounds you. I guess, these lines from a novel, which I had read earlier, would support my point:
It is you who are responsible for all the trials and turbulations that people around you go through. You determine the happiness or the sorrow that they experience. You have to make their lives worthwhile. It is you who define their lives. What fate they have is your giving. It is you and only you who canmake or break their lives. If you think somebody is suffering around you, it is only you who can set it right. You are the one responsible. It is because of you they suffer and because of you that they don't.
Why do people think more about the ones who do not affect their lives? People should be more concerned about others who are part of their lives, because, they are the people affected by your decision. And if needed, we should take extreme steps to make them realise that. Today, for pleasing someone, who does not even bother, they might take up some step. And tomorrow, when they are in pain and sorrow, that someone would not even be known to them.
I have decided to go with my instinct of whatever brings me happiness. And, I hope everyone else does.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Life is all we have... Live it.

I was cursing the traffic management in the city, when a cute girl walked past me with two gorgeous roses and a small gift wrapped in a valentine cover. Valentine's day  nearing. :). At that very moment, somewhere nearby, there were two bodylings engrossed in a philosophical exchange of thoughts. Excuse me the usage of bodylings in the lines of earthlings, even though it does not exist. I realized that my mind was conversing with my heart about something deep. It all started with my mind spilling out these words:
My sweet heart,
Over the past few days, I have noticed that your urge to live has diminished. You just beat but the enthusiasm with which you lived is no longer present. Your beating is enough to sustain all other parts, but not me. I am alive only until you live. There are problems and hurdles which other bodylings pose to you, but this does not give you a reason to lose your hope of life. Life is what we get once. Why not, just enjoy it in the best possible manner that you can. People around you will talk a lot about how you need to be. They relate beauty to rose but do not understand that there are other beautiful flowers around as well. What they, also, fail to see is that the rose is full of thorns. So, what they think might not be always the best option to undertake. It might be difficult to make them understand that you do not want rose. Probably, you should get out and get the flower you like yourself.
If you know that bitter gourd is good for you, have it. Do not worry about the tongue tasting it sour or the nose smelling it bad. No doubt, the tongue and nose shall be happy, if you do not have it now. But on the long run when you will need it badly with no other choice left, then the tongue and the nose will have to suffer daily. Also, there is no guarantee that things will be as fine as they could have been if you would have taken it earlier. What I am up to is the fact that things you do might not be acceptable by other organs of the body, but eventually, it would bring happiness to everyone.
The cute little heart answered:
My practical mind,
You have no idea about what feelings are. You do not know how I am feeling. Thinking practically and taking decisions is possible by you, but not me. I am heart and love resides in me. What do you even know about love? You would only understand the facts and figures. You do not know how it feels.
The composed mind then shot off these beautiful lines:
I might be deprived of love and other feelings, but somewhere they reside in me. You are too far away from me to understand what I have in me. If I was close to you, I would have taken care of you like no other organ does. I am not knowledgeable about the love part and may be it is very tough for you. But, I need you and so does every other organ of the body. Live properly so that others could also live happily. If you keep your emotions inside you and suffocate yourself, it would affect everyone at the end of the day. A few bitter medicines today is better than an untreatable disease tomorrow.
Listen to whatever your instinct has to say. And don't shut it off. Do what it says, because it alone can lead you to the abode of peace. And when you are in peace, I would also be. And, so would the other bodylings, which depend on you.
And I love you more than any other organ does, not because you give me life. But, when you are happy and cheerful, so is my state. Even though we can never be together, your happiness would always lead to mine. Live sweet heart, for life is all we have.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To Breaking Rules... With Love, Indians

How I love writing on this issue! Human beings are, by far, the most careless and the least bothered creatures when nature and others are involved. I am not sure about how people all over the world or in some other alien world behave, but I know the in and out of Indian behavior. I have been to a distant land, and have observed sanity and discipline, which the Indian community lacks. Personally, I attach special importance to this trait as I feel that it hurdles India's growth more than corruption or population.
I have been living in this city for near about 7 months now. And one thing that has not changed in this city is the indiscipline. There are interesting cases that happen on a regular basis and help me shift my anger to them. Anyone who voted this city as the best city to live in should be put to task. Such misleading information renders belief and confidence dead.
There have been incidents over the past few months, which have disturbed me to a great extent. The most common of all the incidents have been when riders use pavements and footpaths to commute.The so-called educated lot of the society, who are parts of the million-dollar organizations, still, need to be educated as to how to behave. In fact, there should be another interview round where the behavior and character of a person should be adjudged. I strongly feel that actions should be taken against such people. Effectively, such a behavior makes a bad impression on other people and tourists. It also creates problems for the common man using the footpath and has hindered the traffic flow many a time.
People have no respect whatsoever for the roads and other public properties. One can find them spitting all over the place, getting rid of trash anywhere and everywhere, and attending to nature's call at every nook and corner of the city.
Riders have never been able to observe the traffic lights. In fact, the lights have actually taken up different meaning. Amber now means, "speed up your vehicle." And red means, "keep going." It takes a few seconds before the signal is obeyed, and that is due to the fact that the side with the green signal starts moving. I remember seeing a sign board saying, "Red light violation. Minimum Fine $336." Whereas, in this city, it is seldom seen that the one who has jumped the signal is caught and fined. Such occurrences are mostly dependent on the moods of the signal inspectors. In many a case, he is more keen to catch hold of a lorry than to moderate the traffic.
The condition is much more worse in a non-traffic light crossing. I had met with a real-life example of a deadlock few days back. And, the traffic was actually stuck for more than about half an hour as vehicles from every side were waiting for the other side vehicle to move. And as an Indian's policy says, "never back down." Pun intended. The first thing which came to my mind was the interview where I was asked a similar question and I had said a similar answer. The interviewer had shot back at me telling that the vehicles could always go back and the traffic might move. I would have loved to show him this scenario. Or perhaps, I forgot to mention that the example pertained to Indian roads. It actually took some outside resource to break this deadlock.
I have often heard that we perceive what we want to. If we would like to see the good, we could see it in such horrendous situations as well. And if we want otherwise, the result would always be negative. But, I don't think there is anything wrong in pointing out these shortcomings in the management and discipline of the citizens. I want my country to be one of the best and have a strong feeling that this is one area where we need to develop to realise that.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Of Fiction... and Reality

My meeting with Sherlock Holmes was interrupted by a friend. I had to reschedule my appointment with Mr. Holmes for the day after. Interestingly, when I was done with my friend, I could not help but notice a certain similarity in the happenings with my friend and Mr. Holmes, which only made me repeat the "evergreen" lines from my tenth class English textbook - "Where the Women are concerned, the Unexpected always happens."
Humans have, in general, received a mixed response from the person whom they care for a lot. In lot many cases, it is the behavior of the women which keeps the other person intrigued as to what is the reality. It takes something more than intelligence and common sense to understand them. If a method was devised to read minds, I am sure a lady would have been enough to disprove its existence. You can never guess what she is thinking. Even if you do, it would be just one of the million thoughts residing in her brain.
My friend was extremely annoyed with his girl for some reason before he was to see her for that day. He had also expressed his eagerness to render a physical form to his anger. And when he returns after meeting her... he could have never been happier. He was all over in love, again, with her, perhaps more. It normally would take the genius of Sir Doyle's character to determine a woman's feelings. In fact, even he stumbles upon this. If they are sensitive and understanding, they should know how to put forth something. They decide something and that is the best thing to be done. Why cant they just understand that there are person's around them who can feel as much as they do.
I have no more to say about them except for this small conversation. I said her that it hurts when she talks about someone else and it hurts to see her with someone else. "The beautiful" replied that the problem is not as big as other people's. She has many more problems and I must not be thinking that everyone else is happy. Also, I should just move with my life and not be such a pain.
Why am I not allowed to feel bad?
I have been shaping this writing for the past 3-4 days. And, with all the agony that I had today, I just put it up with some random text. Do not try to make sense out of it as there are WOMEN involved.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Fairer Sex - or perhaps, the Weaker one!

Reclining on the couch on a beautiful Sunday morning, at home, is an unmatchable experience. Adding to it are the timeless memories, which play on Doordarshan. Rangoli remains one of my favorite on-air shows and the reason I am early to rise on a Sunday. This Sunday morning was no different.
I had finished my tryst with the television and started going through the newspaper to check out the exciting and not-so exciting happenings in the universe. Done with the main part, I started the supplementary sections which accompanied The Hindu that day. Yes, I too spend a lifetime on the newspaper.
It was then, that this article, The Other Half - On wearing 'obscene' clothes, asked for my attention. In fact, it would have caught the eyes of any individual believing that some people in our motherland are a bit insane. Another instance of this insanity would be the case about blocking of Google and others in India. Just wanted to know what their children were feeling on the same. Irrelevant here.
So, this article was about a comment made by a civil service officer on what causes men, in fact, some men, to resort to unwarranted methods of treating the fairer sex. The gentleman had pointed out that dressing sense of females was the reason of these cases coming into existence. And this is where I differ from him.
If a rose is threatened by some insane animals, it doesn't mean that we lock it up in our homes and snatch its freedom. It would only render it losing its charm and ultimately die. We should ensure its safety rather than asking it to not look beautiful and barring it from the outside world. It is true that the rose requires and has thorns as protection from it, but then, this does not stop it from being plucked off the plant. I am not sure if my analogy makes the point I am trying to.
The author is prompt to make a point that there have been cases with females getting harassed even though they were not adorning a provocative wear. It is high time we realize that it is the mentality of men, which is responsible for such acts of crime rather than blaming the victim into getting victimized. I really wonder what type of provocative wear a female puts on in the state were the incident occurred, because, it is well known that the southern region of India is devoid of such explicit wear kinds.
An interesting comment was from the head of a panel dealing with harassment in Bangalore University who believed that only sarees with long sleeved blouses ensure that women are respected and that she was against women wearing ‘obscene' clothes. Well, I am not sure if she was hinting at anything less than saree with a long sleeved blouse being obscene, because, it would be the case that more than 99% of women in India are putting up obscene clothes. And if she was not, I have no intentions of pointing out that dresses are in no way a contributing factor to respect a person gains. This is thoroughly clear from the respect our honorable ministers obtain from the public. Also, intriguing are the cases where the victim has been a child or someone old (mid 30s and above). It should be interesting to know what sort of provocation did their wear provide. If as a lady, she can't respect the individuality of a woman, I am not sure that the class of Indian males, the ones with such thoughts, of course, would ever make an effort to understand that the mistake is on their part.
But then, again, it is embedded in human blood to blame someone else for their mistakes.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If only...

Lately, I have been wondering what love is all about. Before that, few lines on my last post. The character description contained in it was something described by some of my friends to me. And looks like it is true. As people have only asked me why had I written all those, rather than, letting me know, it was not true. Doesn't really matter a lot, anyways.
Back to where I left. More than love, I have been wondering how would one feel when the love of their life departs. Looks quite emotional, but is very interesting. I have also been reading quite a few love stories from real life and fiction, which is the reason for the first thought to pop up. Before you go ahead and read further, a disclaimer: I am not a poet or a creative writer of any sort. Just felt that these words were wonderful and needed to be shared.
If only I had known,
That this is the last time we meet,
I would have stood between us and the future,
And stopped the time to pass by.

If only I had known,
That I would never see you again,
I would have captured your eyes...
And your smile to disturb my pain.

If only I had known,
That this is the last time we would kiss,
I would have sealed your lips with mine,
And had you taste love's bliss.

If only I had known,
That, you, I would never again hear,
I would have memorized your laughter,
And your words of love, dear.

If only I had known,
That we would never hold hands again,
I would have held them strong,
And had guided you along.

If only I had known,
That this is the last time we embrace,
I would have wrapped you in my arms,
And made you feel the warmth of love.

If only I had known,
That tomorrow there shall be no dawn,
I would have not let the sun set,
And lived the moment forever.
Please do not get carried away with the poem and start feeling it relates to me. It does relate to a lot of people around me. And for all those in love, I have just understood that love is as beautiful as beauty itself. It is the meaning of life. Nothing else would stay with you throughout. Career, hobbies die. This lives and makes you live. Wish you all the happiness and love, and a wonderful life devoid of these feelings.

P.S. Love is, still, alien to me...