Friday, February 10, 2012

Life is all we have... Live it.

I was cursing the traffic management in the city, when a cute girl walked past me with two gorgeous roses and a small gift wrapped in a valentine cover. Valentine's day  nearing. :). At that very moment, somewhere nearby, there were two bodylings engrossed in a philosophical exchange of thoughts. Excuse me the usage of bodylings in the lines of earthlings, even though it does not exist. I realized that my mind was conversing with my heart about something deep. It all started with my mind spilling out these words:
My sweet heart,
Over the past few days, I have noticed that your urge to live has diminished. You just beat but the enthusiasm with which you lived is no longer present. Your beating is enough to sustain all other parts, but not me. I am alive only until you live. There are problems and hurdles which other bodylings pose to you, but this does not give you a reason to lose your hope of life. Life is what we get once. Why not, just enjoy it in the best possible manner that you can. People around you will talk a lot about how you need to be. They relate beauty to rose but do not understand that there are other beautiful flowers around as well. What they, also, fail to see is that the rose is full of thorns. So, what they think might not be always the best option to undertake. It might be difficult to make them understand that you do not want rose. Probably, you should get out and get the flower you like yourself.
If you know that bitter gourd is good for you, have it. Do not worry about the tongue tasting it sour or the nose smelling it bad. No doubt, the tongue and nose shall be happy, if you do not have it now. But on the long run when you will need it badly with no other choice left, then the tongue and the nose will have to suffer daily. Also, there is no guarantee that things will be as fine as they could have been if you would have taken it earlier. What I am up to is the fact that things you do might not be acceptable by other organs of the body, but eventually, it would bring happiness to everyone.
The cute little heart answered:
My practical mind,
You have no idea about what feelings are. You do not know how I am feeling. Thinking practically and taking decisions is possible by you, but not me. I am heart and love resides in me. What do you even know about love? You would only understand the facts and figures. You do not know how it feels.
The composed mind then shot off these beautiful lines:
I might be deprived of love and other feelings, but somewhere they reside in me. You are too far away from me to understand what I have in me. If I was close to you, I would have taken care of you like no other organ does. I am not knowledgeable about the love part and may be it is very tough for you. But, I need you and so does every other organ of the body. Live properly so that others could also live happily. If you keep your emotions inside you and suffocate yourself, it would affect everyone at the end of the day. A few bitter medicines today is better than an untreatable disease tomorrow.
Listen to whatever your instinct has to say. And don't shut it off. Do what it says, because it alone can lead you to the abode of peace. And when you are in peace, I would also be. And, so would the other bodylings, which depend on you.
And I love you more than any other organ does, not because you give me life. But, when you are happy and cheerful, so is my state. Even though we can never be together, your happiness would always lead to mine. Live sweet heart, for life is all we have.