Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday - Is it just another day?

With various days in a year accounting for various celebrations, birthdays and anniversaries have always stood apart from them and have attracted more attention. These are normally the days when people get in touch with their long "lost" friends, in other terms, old friends. 2-4 days a year is what we spend communicating with people who had made it easier for time to pass by and memories to be born in school, college and other parts of life. Strange but true :).
One such occasion crossed my life yesterday. In fact, I can have only one of the two occasions, as of today. Needless to say, I celebrated one of my "birthdays". :).
The celebration of birthdays started from the time I was in high school. I still remember the first ever gift by any of my friends on my birthday was from Samir. Before that, the idea was birthday was to have something special being made at home and wishes from relatives. Fortunately or unfortunately, my birthday used to fall during summer vacations and hence, I have never been involved in sharing it with my earlier school friends. Till that time, I was devoid of the pleasure of sharing birthday with friends. School days had been quite memorable. But the real pleasure of celebrating birthday had come in college.
I owe all my enjoyment and fun in college to a very special person in my life. I might not mean anything to that person today; people move on and change is inevitable. But, the person shall remain as one of my most coveted treasures. I was wished at midnight for the first time in my life. I thought people were crazy to stay awake so long to just wish birthdays. Until, it happened to me. I received one of the cutest gifts on that day. It is one of the most treasured memories I have. Years passed after that. Things changed, as I already said.
My birthday at Roorkee was another wonderful event with me getting a "king-sized" card from my college friends. And yesterday, was yet another day.
I had my friends drive down from Chennai to Bangalore for celebrating my birthday. I should have been surprised and happy. But, I was not. May be I was, but I was not able to feel it. Something else has been occupying my mind for many days now. I did not feel excited about the fact that those idiots had drove to Bangalore for my birthday. Nor did I feel happy being wished by any of my other friends. I am not sure why I had such feelings. I was missing someone very special yesterday. I expected that things would change on my birthday. I thought I would have someone waiting at my door to tell me, "Hey Idiot, I've come for you."
Things change. People change. But aren't these lines for the ones whom you just know. Can you justify the usage of these for someone special in your life? Probably, the usage of these signifies the importance and specialness in their life. I regret the fact that things and people change without considering feelings and emotions.