Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Acrostic for my Dream

In the night sky, full of gleaming stars,
Light of the moon and the exhilarating wind,
Opening the gates of the dreamworld;
Visiting her, my eyes stayed twined.

Elegance and beauty, define you less.
Yearning to be you; the roses, confess.
Obsessed with your charm is heaven above.
Unmatchable, is your affection and love.

Me, your memories still frequent;
Your words and thoughts make me keel.
Seeing someone kiss; your lips, I feel.
When they embrace, I feel your affectionate zeal.

Ecstasy and happiness is alien today;
Eccentric pain is what you gave away.
Thy love is, still, stuck in my heart,
Hoping you'd fix, what you tore apart.

Every moment I need thee,
A life with you is my only desire.
Real or surreal, it may be;
Thou shall remain, my love forever.


  1. Reading it felt really good :-)

    1. Thanks da. Happy to see the first comment on my blog :).

  2. Its just words... hats off...i have never read such a beautiful poem... i hav lots to say but then even words fall short for it....:-)

  3. This feel that you have so wonderfully worded is something that many and mostly all feel ...there is always a someone in the vague recesses of memory as the sleep washes off and gives way to wakefulness. Beauty and nature are hard to cage but in these words i must say you have captured feelings that are hard to express .. even to oneself. Bravo!!

    1. Thank you for the wonderful review. It surely is motivating. :).