Saturday, September 22, 2012

Siblings - A Necessary Evil :)

2200 hours. Yes, that was the time when my friend asked me for it. And, voila, I did it. It would be worth mentioning that I am a bit too lazy to pursue work, and that too, at odd times in the evening. But, a sense of guilt and responsibility made me do it. "True Friend!" Those were the two words from him when I was done with it, and he actually meant them. I was blooming with happiness. Who wouldn't after hearing such a wonderful phrase in your praise! (Phrase and praise actually rhymed. I am glad to be getting a sense of rhyme.)
I have always tried to be true in any relationship I have committed to. In fact, a relationship can only be true else it is the opposite of what you think. I mean there is nothing like false relationship. It is just that they are not what they seemed to you. Oh! This is confusing. Never mind. Relationships have always been an important part of our lives, no matter what we think about them. How much ever we try to ignore and keep away from them, they keep following us in different forms and with different names, just like our shadow. I have written a bit on relationships before as well, so I would skip to the central idea of the post - Siblings. Yes my dear ones, you have found a post for yourself.
Firstly, my sincere apologies for choosing such a title, to all those who feel offended by it. But, I am sure they would not disagree with me on it. After all, I am a sibling too; and very evil in a sense (Giving an evil grin that I learnt from my friend). So, this is all about how necessary these evil creatures are in our lives.
Yes, life is incomplete without them. From getting up in the morning to drowsing away at night, these kin are inseparable, be it in torturing or entertaining. I loathe the way my devilish little sister sings "Jaago mohan pyaare" every Sunday morning to disturb me from my sleep and spoil my gorgeous dreams. She is naughty, moody, arrogant and just like every other child in the world; only grown a little too old for it. But, this  irritating little creature is as dear to me as life itself. It feels light and peaceful to be talking to her after a hectic day at work. She blabbering something on the other side, just refreshes me; and the tiredness is all gone. There are tonnes of things she talks about in an irrelevant but captivating way. I am never too bored to listen to her. 
I don't have many words to describe what she means to me, but she has been a parent, a friend and "an arch enemy", at times when I needed her to be. Putting it in a more filmy way; I am blessed to have such a dumb little teddy bear to entertain me always and keep me free of my worries. I would like to end with a not-so-famous quote on siblings, which surely does not hold in my case - "Siblings are nature's way of creating a slightly different version of us."