Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Goan Holiday

The Immortals of Meluha is a beautifully written novel. It meets nature in a way of its own. It is different for some reason I could not, quite, comprehend. And then, the trees passed by. What lied behind the veils on the glass, had not caught my attention. It was splendid. The road was as pure as it could be. Little homes playing hide and seek amongst the huge trees. It was nature at its best. I felt like Amish Tripathi was competing with Nature to describe it's beauty. Clearly, Nature won. What it offered to the eyes was a visual treat, which my mind could not picture even after reading those captivating lines in the book. No doubt the Western Ghats is a world heritage site and a hotspot of biological diversity in the world. The trip to Goa only got better.
God must, truly, be an artist and, of course, a perfectionist, who has taken care of the minutest details of the work. People along the ghats seemed to be in harmony in nature. I sometimes wonder why our cities can't be as "developed" as these towns and villages. Anyways, the beauty was still enhanced by the lakes (it looked like that to me - could have been the backwaters also!) and hills. The lakes had an eery, though gorgeous, dressing of a blanket of mist all along. Small streams of serenity bounded by farms met us occasionally. My only regret is that I missed out on hugging the breeze that would have been the perfect dessert for the delicious meal. Only if I could have broken the barriers between me and the nature. I cursed myself for booking an A/C sleeper! All of Goa was as much mesmerizing and I could not have asked for more.
I met my friends the following hour. There is an unexplainable happiness in meeting your friends after a long time. The holiday began. We started talking about random stuffs and happenings in our lives. Teasing each other, making fun and discussing "not-so-personal" stuffs. After getting fresh, we decided to arrange for our travel. Renting a bike to explore Goa is by far the best option. Full freedom to move around and enjoy the flabbergasting beauty of nature. Before getting one (I mean three), we walked to a nearby church-Our Lady of Immaculate, the one shown in the movies Josh and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. The architecture of the church was simply fabulous. And so was the area around it. We sat by for around an hour, when our other friends were back with the bikes. We rode the bikes to our initial destination. It was around 7 in the evening and we started off for Miramar beach, the nearest of the beaches to our hotel. We drove through unknown places to make our initial journey take around double the time. Nevertheless, it was neither tiring nor irritating to reach there so late. The path was calm with trees on both sides with occasional buildings. We spent nearly an hour there before heading off to North of Goa for clubbing at Tito's. It was my first visit to a night-club and I can only say that I was dancing to the tunes of the songs as long as I stayed there.
It was already 2 by the time we reached the hotel. We decided to "call it a day". We did not have any idea that the next day was going to be much better. Getting up late, we started playing Uno and Mafia for around an hour or two before starting the day's journey to Aguada Fort. The fort was charming and the view from there-astonishing. We left for Calangute Beach and had a wonderful time bathing in the sea. It had been long, since I had enjoyed the sea so much; all thanks to my friends. We came back to our hotel early, only to start playing those games again. It was again 2 by the time we slept; not until we had finished a long drive at midnight. The experience was unmatchable.
The next day started early but again with playing cards. It was already noon before we started for Chapora Fort. It is to Goa what an icing is to the cake. Beauty all around wherever your eyes could see. I am literally short of words to describe its beauty. The only complaint being that it was much more alluring than what has been depicted in movies. Ravishing views presented themselves to you, only to please you to the fullest. The trip's excitement only increased with timely rains and drizzles. It makes the scenaries look all the more pulchritudinous. The day concluded with a visit to Dona Paula, aka the suicide point, a famous tourist spot and a few games of cards, as usual.
The final day of the trip was confined to the bewitching churches and museum. And then some time on the beach before executing our departure plans. All in all it was a memorable trip, this being an understatement. As you can feel, there is more to Goa than just wine and beer. It is comely, attractive, stunning, scintillating and what not! It is a piece of sheer excellence of nature's work and a must-visit place for everyone in love with nature.