Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Oracle Departure

A doomsday survival and a long journey. Not much has happened, since I bade farewell to Oracle last month. It has been one good month of unemployment, which I am surely not cherishing. Easing around at home is pleasurable, but at the same time, irksome. A long trip of five days with four days of journeying was welcome, though tiresome. All the excitement about the doomsday died as enthusiastically as it was awaited.
All in all-it was not something I was looking forward to just before leaving for my higher studies. Spending time with my family is an exception.
Oracle had been a wonderful experience. A dream job with delight from all directions. Depressing at times, nonetheless, it was something worth revering. In the past month, I realized how much I loved the job and working. The delay in visa has exponentially raised my restlessness. I, now, understand the eagerness in the wait for something. Whilst awaiting my visa, I am just adding fat to my body and laziness to mind. I wish things get back on track and the longer journey commences.
Till then... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.