Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Wintry Winter

Beyond the reach of man and kind,
Staring, the orange ball, smiled.
Its warmth, basking the mankind,
Squaring the dark world beguiled.

Cannon firing bullets of snow,
Behind the clouds, between us;
Touring, the flakes, relish the flow,
Asking the breeze earth's address.

The chilly kiss of a floating flake
On the cheeks of frosty water.
And avians walking on the lake
Feigning to stumble and totter.

Enjoying the scenic weather,
I thanked the heavens above.
For, by confines, bonding together
Is Nature's affection and love.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Non-Indian Month

This is not the first time I have been away from home or India. Yet, the feeling of being away has settled comfortably somewhere in the back of my little brain. Though, I am lucky that things are going a bit the way I hoped to. It is much more difficult in normal cases. But, my thoughts revolve around the fact of me being away and lonely. I am definitely not the only one away from home. There are people all over the world who are far away from their "normal lives." Why! Even my apartment-mates are away from home, and so are most of the other students here at the university. Still, I miss being home, primarily, being with family and friends. 
Anyways. Here I am, in Germany, listening to "Zindagi kaisi hai paheli haye..." It has been a month today, since I left India. At times, it feels like everything happening somewhere else to someone else is just the same story as yours. At times, when you want to get rid of something and run away from it, it seems like it was running with us or may be ahead of us. The gist being that there is something, which awaits its happening, and is hidden nowhere else, but in our cerebral cortex. These lines give a gloomy and philosophical feeling. Nothing of interest in that to me. Watching another movie in a movie-marathon, sort of!
The Indian movies are made in a manner that make us believe things we are not supposed to! People start drawing parallels between the story line and their lives, and believe that things would turn out to be similar to the way, depicted on-screen. What they fail to understand is that the story of every other human being is the same and that the story could relate to only one in a million! What they also fail to see is that life exists even after the movie ends. It is not that the end of a movie marks the end of a life. In some cases it might, but mostly it doesn't. And that "happy ending" is just a feel-good factor and a fraction of life's journey. Expectations - may be that is why Indians hate Indian movies a lot.
Whatever be the reason, they are one of the sources that connect me back home. I feel good watching a  melodramatic romantic motion picture, as it reminds me of home. Given that it is valentine season, it can be genial as well! On the whole, being away from a place special to you, and with the lone company of loneliness, events like the ones above, happen.
I wonder if people back there miss me at-least a fraction of what I do. And sometimes a "NO" stares at me with all its might. I see that there are many people online on social networking sites and chats, but rarely is it that someone "pings" me. Nope. Blaming me would not do! I try my level best to keep in touch with everyone. And believe me, my level best is, nearly, the best that can be done. But, after a time (sometimes the next moment!) it appears as though the other person is not so interested in a conversation with you. Although, you might not be insipid. You, really, don't concern them. If there are just a section of them you need to keep contact with, why have others in your chat/friend list. Just so that you know, occasionally, that the other guy exists! Or may be just for the sake of it. And yes, as I have always said, no one is ever  so busy. It is always about the priorities and desire; and formality, once in a while. Sadly, everything applies to me as well.
Studies and career is what people are crazy about. Though, it is not what they want and they do not know it until late. Over the last few years, and more strongly in the last month, I have realized that the greatest achievement in life is when someone sheds a tear or two in your memory; and I mean, even when you are alive! That tear is more valuable than the millions you earn, not literally, though! The feeling is one such emotion that adds to your quota of happiness. It is this feeling you and I are seeking.