Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Lost Spring

I get up today morning to find that the temperature outside has doubled from what it was last week. Winter had just sunk in at the horizon. Admittedly, this has been the coldest and the most beautiful winter that I have been through all my life. Admiring the snow as it reached out for earth. Marking the footprints on the snow covering the ground, as I walked by. It was a feeling you get when you are watching a movie playing with nature. 
Now, it is sunny outside. And it feels as if it has been this way, always. One cannot guess that winter has just been subdued. And in the war of seasons, somewhere spring got lost. It seems to have cancelled its visit here and may be in other places, as well. Probably, nature is tired of making us feel pleasant after suffering so much. It has drawn a line to end its suffering. What used to be its sweet home is now a partial mess, soon to become complete, thanks to the Homo sapiens
I have just finished watching a movie, which speaks about how irresponsible sons are! Just because their parents help them, they become complacent and end up being a failure. Analogous to this, the humans have also become quite irresponsible and have failed to live up to nature's expectations. It has taken care of everyone, unbiased, as a parent would and all we give it is, disappointment. It is understandable on nature's part to be harsh on us. I am not looking for reasons today, because this is what we have been doing all this years. We need to take actions and strong ones to clean up the mess. If not for nature, we need to do this for the generations that are to pay a visit to earth. Else, it would be no time before which people would talk about a historic season - spring. 
With the hope to raise a few hands towards this, I wish everyone a happy new year and to everyone who was born today, a happy birthday. And also hope that I would be able to enjoy the spring, which everyone described in the most sublime fashion, and which seems to have disappeared somewhere. 

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