Monday, May 6, 2013

There are some things Money can't buy!

Well... Not literally, though! It is quite the medium for it, but that is because we have made our lives complicated enough to weigh our happiness in monetary terms. But, the smile on someone else's face, because of you, is worth umpteen millions you could possibly earn. Most of the times you need money for that as well, but I think I have made my point clear. I am talking about the same happiness that a mother has when her baby is born, the happiness that a father has when his child excels, the happiness that a girl has when her dream-boy asks her out and the happiness that the guy has when his gal accepts his love. There are infinite number of feelings that could exact this category. And so was the cute smile that grew on my sister's face when I gifted her my presence for her engagement. I do not intend to boast about the gift, which might not be the best possible one. But, the smile on her face was enough to flood me with happiness.
After a wonderful and highly memorable trip to India, I have given up my ambition of achieving something in life. It is not that I am not going to become someone important, but that is not what is giving me happiness. No offense to myself but being a step away from realizing what I want, I am not that very happy. I realized that I am only happy with my family and friends around me. Ambitions and aims give happiness for a very short time. But, the air of your loved ones surrounding you freshens you up every now and then. Last year, my friends drove down from Chennai to Bangalore for wishing me birthday. This time I have everything other than wishes. A couple of years back all my friends called me up and wished me; this time its just a couple of them remembering it. I am sure that if I was back there, people would have wished me all day long. But, is it mistake on only my part to move away from India. I am not sure how many times did they try to contact me. May be it is just I who need them and am being selfish asking a lot. Or may be it is too much of expectations.
It would not be wrong or disrespectful to call humans, emotional fools. I ain't aware of any such disorder in animals and other living beings. Also, I am not taking away the emotions from other living beings; they are as much drowned in emotions as we are. But, sometimes I feel that those beings have a balance of everything, hence, unaffected by a sudden burst of feelings. The species Homo sapiens, on the other hand, stands out for having a lot of other ailments that make the flow of emotions notable. Humans are caught up with so many responsibilities, they have forgotten their main aim - living. They are unable to strike a balance between all the different emotional streams emptying into them, which ultimately results in a tsunami like happening in their lives. Nevertheless, it is this feeling that sets us apart from others and helps, at times, in making the worst and the best decisions of our lives.
I have always maintained the fact that happiness is what we thrive for. And sacrificing it for the sake of some materialistic benefits has always been one of our greatest mistakes. It is normally too late by the time we realize this. People in the process of realizing their dreams bypass a lot of lanes, which could have contributed to as much happiness and possibly, more. And by the time their dreams become reality, they mostly get lost in the land of dreams. There is an unexplainable satisfaction in making others feel lively and it is not just money that can fulfill this. It is our presence and actions that largely determine the joy that lights up someone. And this is far more expensive and precious than anything else. Practically, these might not be possible without money, but, neither is money the only source for it. Our calculative minds, until they work, do not allow emotions and feelings to rent a place there. Later, it is too late for letting them in. We need to understand that there are things above money and kind. There are certain actions that could help bring a smile on someone's face. I would like to always be on the side that believes in sharing and growing happiness around with a huge gain of joy for myself. There really are many things that money can't buy. And for such things - "Main hoon na!" 
Might not be a properly organized post, but what more do you expect from an upset mind! With these philosophical and possibly, emotional thoughts, I greet you a wonderful year ahead and a very happy birthday to everyone born today including me.