Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Journey Restarts!

My heart's story is a six letter word.
14th July that story was first told.
On this day, I promise my love
Your hand, I shall always hold.

You're the sun that brightens my day,
Sea of love surrounding my heart.
The moon that comforts my soul
Sweetheart, you are a work of art.

Promises and vows I make today
As we unite for a million lives.
Try, I shall, to add happiness and
Fight sorrows until joy arrives.

Provide you a home of love,
I shall; you'll be all my "time".
Trust, honor and respect you;
With your life I shall rhyme.

Today, I promise you my life
That I'll always stay true
And give my heart, my soul,
And all my love to you.

As we begin the journey of ages,
Side by side I'd walk with you.
Look for me in your shadows if
My hand ceases to assist you.